RCDD Certified – What does that mean exactly?

This article will help you learn what it takes for someone to obtain an RCDD designation.

    You may have noticed that the owner of Voice Data, Inc., Rich Hornby, has RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) title after his name. You may be wondering what that means. Below is a brief summary of what it takes to get that certification.
    Those awarded with the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the design, implementation, integration and project management of telecommunications and data communications technology and related infrastructure.
    These courses serve as a career path for those seeking advanced knowledge in this area. The RCDD certification conveys superior knowledge in their field and provides advantages over the competition without this area of expertise. Because of the continued education that they receive, they are able to stay informed about all the latest changes in technology and the best ways to implement their services to fulfill your businesses’ needs. The U.S. Department of Defense requires that the person working on their telecom projects be RCDD certified, so you can see that it is a valid and necessary factor for those wanting the best of the best.
What does it take to become an RCDD?
–     A professional designation of excellence
–     A highly regarded status recognized and mandated by many private and state organizations
–     A noted mark of design knowledge valued internationally
–     An indication of experience and knowledge known throughout the ICT industry
What are the initial requirements to become an RCDD?
–     Five years ICT design experience
–     Two years verifiable ICT design experience and three years additional ICT equivalents chosen from combinations of experience, approved education and approved ICT license/certification
What do you need to do to maintain your RCDD designation?
    The RCDD credential is valid for three years. Within each three-year period, all RCDDs must obtain a minimum of 45 BICSI continuing education credit (CEC) hours. As part of this 45-hour requirement, attendance in at least one BICSI conference during the three-year period is mandatory. The RCDD registration must be renewed every three years. Click here for additional renewal information.
    In conclusion, you should always look to hire someone with an RCDD designation so you can ensure that you are getting someone who has the experience and education needed to properly execute your telecom project from start to finish. Please contact Rich today and work with an educated professional to discuss what your business needs by calling him at 508-528-8018.