Planning your data cabling needs

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Proper planning is necessary to ensure your data cabling needs will be met and everything will go smoothly.

Voice Data, Inc. starts with a detailed floor plan that will detail everything the company will provide and install for you. You can submit a floor plan to Rich by emailing him at and he will quickly provide an updated floor plan with all the cables, outlets and accessories that he will be installing for you. By knowing exactly how many feet of cable he will need, along with everything else you will need, he can provide a very accurate estimate with competitive pricing. He is constantly looking to get the greatest discounts on cables and parts to pass those savings onto his customers.

After everything is planned, Rich can then estimate how long the job will take. He meets or beats his deadlines, as he knows how vital it is to know when a job will be completed so the next stage of the building or moving process can begin. His employees will exceed your expectations with the quality of work they provide. They also test everything they install with state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure that everything passes to avoid crosstalk and unnecessary data loss.

Having phone or data issues because of poor data cabling can be an absolute nightmare. A business usually heavily relies on their phone systems and we all know how much we rely on the Internet these days. Don’t get stuck in an unfortunate situation where you hired an unprofessional data cabling company that will haunt you for years to come. Call Voice Data, Inc. today at 508-528-8018 to ensure your data cabling needs are met in a timely fashion so you can sleep soundly knowing your network will be fully functional when you open your office.